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24K Gold Jewel Boxes
24K Gold Jewel Boxes
24K Gold Jewel Boxes

24K Gold Jewel Boxes

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A sweet fix with edible gold & encased in a luxury crystal box.

Choose from the following mouthwatering flavours:

Fresh Strawberry
Zesty Lime
Tropical Mango
Playful Bubblegum
Pink Gin
Sweet Prosecco
Fruity Blueberry
Black (Plain)
Tropical Pineapple

The important bits:

  • You'll receive an acrylic crystal box filled with 20g (approx. 6) of sweets
  • The sweets come in different flavours & are clear in appearance (like the above picture)
  • Sugar-free, fat free and diabetic friendly 
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians.
  • Best stored in a dry cool place and consumed within 4 weeks of delivery
  • Delivery within 5 working days
  • Each sweet is individually wrapped