Candles You Literally Want To Eat!

Candles You Literally Want To Eat!

- Sweet Clarity Boutique -


We focus on candles that do the job they're meant to do...smell good, like really good and fill your home with the most amazing aromas that last for ages.
So, here's a full breakdown of our most intoxicating and addictive scents you can get from our luxury chic decor candle range at Sweet Clarity Boutique, with more scents being added every week!

Cherry & Amaretto 
A burst of fruity morello cherries and the rich and sweet scent of almond essence.

Belgian Chocolate Truffle
The rich and luxurious cocoa smell you get when you first bite into a velvety, melt in the mouth, milk chocolate truffle - it's so good, you have to have another one.

Blueberry Crumb Muffin
This smells just like when you first bite into a fluffy baked muffin; a mix of sweet, fruity blueberries, melded with smooth vanilla and a brown sugar crumb topping.

Warm Spiced Apple Pie
This has a real comforting aroma, just like when you sit down with a bowl of apple pie. A combination of warm cinnamon and caramelised brown sugar, with sweet and slightly tangy green applies, wrapped in buttery flaky pastry.

Fresh Linen
This has the clean uplifting smell of when you wash your favourite jumper and you first put it on; a burst of that uplifting laundry detergent aroma, that just lasts all day.