Candle Scents

The most luxurious scents you won't find anywhere else; carefully selected and hand tested to ensure you get a pure and lasting aroma - our candles are specially made just for you, with a crystal gift for you to keep:

Strawberry & Coconut Cream
A summer favourite, a balance of sweet crushed strawberries, a hint of vanilla pod essence and a harmonic aroma of coconut and thick luxury cream.

French Pear & Pink Grapefruit
The unmistabkle smell of sweet country pears, with a subtle spritz of zesty pink grapefruit citrus.

Peony & Jasmine Blush
A perfect scent for spring and summer, with a settling note of perfumed peony petals, with a hint of aromatic jasmine flowers.

Strawberry Parfait
An intoxicating blend of fresh sweet strawberries, with thick vanilla cream.

So Fresh & So Clean
This has the clean uplifting smell of when you wash your favourite jumper and you first put it on; a burst of that uplifting laundry detergent aroma, that just lasts all day.

Cherry & Amaretto
A burst of fruity morello cherries and the rich and sweet scent of almond essence.

Belgian Chocolate Truffle
The rich and luxurious cocoa smell you get when you first bite into a velvety, melt in the mouth, milk chocolate truffle - it's so good, you have to have another one.

Blueberry Crumb Muffin
This smells just like when you first bite into a fluffy baked muffin; a mix of sweet, fruity blueberries, melded with smooth vanilla and a brown sugar crumb topping.

Warm Spiced Apple Pie
This has a real comforting aroma, just like when you sit down with a bowl of apple pie. A combination of warm cinnamon and caramelised brown sugar, with sweet and slightly tangy green applies, wrapped in buttery flaky pastry.

Salted Caramel Truffle
A mellow scent of crushed sea salt, combined with a thick luxury note of silky caramel.