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Why Good Health Can Come At A Premium Cost

Why Good Health Can Come At A Premium Cost

"It's cheaper to eat junk food!"

"Chips are less expensive than salad!"

"For the price of a fruit salad, I could buy 3 packets of biscuits!"

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I've heard all of the above before and there's been plenty a time when I've reached for a packet of crisps instead of the carrot sticks (guilty!), but the above has become more apparent to me now more than ever, since I started my company...and most recently, it led to me saying 'No' to a potential wholesale deal.

To produce healthy products can sometimes come at a premium price point, which in turn, is reflected in a higher retail price.

For example, a 25kg bag of refined sugar can cost the same as a 1kg bag of plant sugar (yep, that's not a typo!).

In a time where our lives are inundated with a multitude of daily tasks, convenience in everything is an attractive selling point, especially when it comes to what we eat.

Nowadays, you're able to buy a ready meal or takeaway for under £3.00, which you can pretty much tuck into straight away. Spending that same amount of money on meat/fish/vegetables would probably be a better choice health wise, but can require time, a certain amount of skill and knowledge to turn it into a meal. (basic cooking skills aren't easy, just ask anyone who's ever burnt a boiled egg!)

In an ideal world, the aim of decreasing premature illness and death caused by unhealthy diets, would be seen as a high enough priority for manufacturers to charge a premium for unhealthy foods instead, (yeah right!) but realistically, we need to make the right choice of what our diet is comprised of and how this affects our bodies, but it's unfortunate that that choice is guided and often determined by cost.

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