Does Manifestation and Affirmations Actually Work?

Does Manifestation and Affirmations actually work?

The How, the Why and How To! 


"Here's a clue...repetition is the key to mastery!"

Ok, it's 2.44 am in the morning, I'm listening to some Lo Fi tunes on Spotify and I cannot sleep, so I thought I'd help answer a hot topic question at the moment. Does manifestation and affirmations really work, or is it just wishful thinking, a waste of time or unrealistic and setting yourself up for failure? The answer is...Yes, it does work, if you do it properly; here's how!

Here comes the science part...

Ok, bare with me here. Have you ever noticed that when you're thinking about getting something and for the next few days, you'll see signs of that thing everywhere? It's not magic, it's pure neuroscience. The conscious part of your bain has that item on it's mind and your subsconcious part is being signalled to look for any clues to help you obtain that item.

Over time, if you no longer want that item, it'll fade to the black hole of your memory and be lost amongst the 6,000 thoughts you have per day, because it's no longer relevant. However, if you keep that item front of mind, repeatedly, your brain will continue to look for clues and bring it to your attention.

"So that sounds easy, is that it?"

Not quite, this is only the first stage. The next step is all up to you. So with all of these clues being brought to your attention, it's time for you to take action; that thing you wanted, buy it. That opportunity you were looking for, go for it. You'll need to put in the time, effort and focus consistently, to achieve that goal. 

"How long does it take?"

This all depends on you, your concentration and the ability not to get distracted or become impatient and give up. I myself wrote the below manifestation and affirmation when I was at my lowest point in my life, unemployed, unable to even get an call back, let alone an interview and I was quickly running out of savings (it was a dark, dark time, my bed and fried snacks were my closest friends!):

My manifestation: I AM going to get a job that will help me pay my bills, that I'll enjoy and will allow me to still continue with my side business.

Six months later, I had 2 job opportunities to choose from companies I absolutely loved, with generous salary offers.

"I'm sold, what do I have to do?" 

So there's a few approaches you can take and there's no right way to do it, the most effective way will be what feels comfortable for you:

  • Establish what you want in a regular basis - you can either write this down, create vision board or even download an app as a daily reminder (I current use VISUAPP) which allows you to add images and set the time and frequency to remind you. Repetition is key to keep your manifestation front of mind. We have 6,000 thoughts a day so your brain  needs to be constantly reminded.
  • Use the right language - this is crucial as it's been said that your subconscious isn't able to tell the difference between reality and imagination. By using I AM, this defines the manifestation as a future prospect, not a memory and will help to look for opportunities to achieve your goal/s.
  • Be patient, specific and open  - achieving your manifestation won't happen overnight and will come to you in small steps you might think irrlevant. For example, if your manifestation is 'I AM going millionaire', that's too vague. Get into the detail, 'I AM going to be successful doing [insert your own here] and achieve financial freedom etc'. Take the necessary steps and opportunities (which may seem small and insiginificant) and KEEP GOING!

Your brain is a powerful tool and we all deserve to get what we want! We just have to be open, put in some time, effort and consistey work towards achieving it and it'll so be worth it in the end! Just take a look at the multiple 'Oprah' (the queen of just, everything) and celebrity manifestation and affirmation videos on YouTube.

Whatever your belief is, whether it's spirituality, Crystal's or the universe, your time is now!

Have you tried manifestation before? Has it worked or what are you hoping for? Let us know in your comments below and if you know of anyone who feels stuck or needs some guidance, send this article their way and re-visit in a few months time to see how it's all going. If it's going well, drinks are on them! ;-)

Davinia (Founder of Sweet Clarity Jewels)



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