Sugar Free Doesn't Have To Taste Weird!

Sugar Free Doesn't Have To Taste Weird!

'500 people every week in the UK, are dying prematurely due to diabetes'

I've always had a sweet tooth and have found it so difficult to curb that craving. (I now know that our brains are addicted to sugar - it activates the reward response and so cutting down on sugar is no easy task!). However, it can lead to so many health risks, cardio vascular disease in diabetes been a major one, which I personally have come face to face with and unfortunately, this disease has proven fatal in my family. So I wanted to create a sugar free sweet that doesn't have that tell tale artificial aftertaste, that was diabetic friendly and tasted good, not nice, I mean like really good! 

'You deserve a sweet treat'

When I started my company, my mission was simple; to challenge and disrupt the sugar free market with confectionery that actually tastes good (not nice, I mean, like really good), using natural, plant based ingredients, with no additives, because quite simply, 'You deserve a sweet treat!'

Plus, we already have a battle on our hands with maintaining a balanced diet, when there's hidden sugars everywhere. Check out my blog post that explains some eye opening details about this: There's No Such Thing as a Good Sugar

'Sugar free doesn't have to taste weird!'

Sugar free doesn't have to taste weird. It shouldn't be something you have to do, it should be something you enjoy and that simply starts with using quality ingredients that provide great flavour, that are natural (if possible) and overall, have a long lasting, mouth watering, no weird after taste.

Davinia - Founder of Sweet Clarity

*National Diabetes Audit

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