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Our Company's Vision & Mission

Our Company's Vision & Mission

500 people every week in the UK are dying prematurely due to diabetes. [1]

The percentage of deaths related to vascular disease is larger in people with diabetes, than in cancer. [2]

With added sugar appearing in surprising foods such as brown bread, mustard and pasta sauces, the need for transparency in the amount of sugar in our food is crucial to protect consumers, to improve their everyday diet, to ensure a healthy lifestyle and to decrease the amount of disease sufferers, due to a large daily sugar intake.

As with many families within the UK, diabetes has affected my own family, resulting in fatality. An effort to consume a healthy balanced diet, whilst curbing a craving for a ‘sugary treat' has become a constant but worthy struggle within my own household and it was this, that spurned me to create a sugar-free confectionery product.

Although our company is in its infancy, we are committed to supplying confectionery that is made from natural products, no refined sugar and has a long-lasting flavour. To reach this goal has brought multiple challenges; from creating products with a balanced flavour palette without an artificial aftertaste, finding sugar-free ingredients with a high enough melting point for manufacturing purposes and sourcing these ingredients from reputable suppliers at a sustainable price point, to ensure we maintain a proportional profit margin in conjunction with a fair retail price to our customers. It is these obstacles, that whilst challenging, sets us apart from other confectioners within our field and our hope is to help aid in the battle against increased sugar consumption.

Our mission is two-fold;

Firstly, to provide products that are suitable for the following consumer groups:

1. Diabetic sufferers – to ensure they can enjoy our products without spiking their insulin levels.
2. Children – to ensure our ingredients help promote a healthy environment for teeth and gums and to avoid creating cavities.
3. Diet & ingredient conscious – to ensure they can enjoy a confectionery product made with natural products and a low-calorie profile.

Secondly, to educate our customers and remove common perceptions:

1. Sugar-free confectionery has an undesirable taste.
2. The importance and effectiveness of consuming products made with natural, sugar-free ingredients.

Over the next 2 years, we hope to expand our product range and to provide sugar-free products and education to our customers within the UK and eventually continue to expand this important message worldwide.

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[1] and [2] National Diabetes Audit - https://digital.nhs.uk/data-and-information/publications/statistical/national-diabetes-audit/national-diabetes-audit-complications-and-mortality-2015-2016

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